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Our Microgreens

We could regale you with how we grow our microgreens with our innovative and space age growing methods but in all actuality our method is much simpler. We do it by smothering them with love. This might sound hokey but love is the foundation of which this whole thing started. We started by looking for and finding the best  non-gmo seeds possible. Then we constructed our enclosed growing structure. I know what you are thinking, you grow them indoors!!!! YES WE DO.  But this is for everyone's benefit. This way we control the environment for the little ones. So what does this mean for you? We  use absolutely no herbicides, pesticides, or fertilizers. It's love that puts apart from what you find at the grocery stores.  We bring them to you live and you harvest them for a true Farm at the Table experience for the highest nutrient density possible (not to mention the amazing taste!)

About Us

Our Food

Carey loves to cook (and I take full advantage of that!)  I encouraged Carey to bring his food out of our kitchen and start cooking for other people.  After creating food for several specialty events, Carey knew this was his calling - bringing fresh, local, interesting food to markets, festivals, and corporate events.  Each event's menu is custom designed to complement the gathering so that the food enhances the experience.  If you are looking to feed anywhere from 10 to 1000 people with healthy and authentic food that will emphasize the event at hand, we are your source!  We will accommodate common gastro-choices, such as vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, keto or paleo.  

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