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How do we deliver the freshest, most flavorful, and healthiest Microgreens

We could regale you with how we grow our micro greens with our innovative and space age growing methods but in all actuality our method is much simpler. We do it by smothering them with love. This might sound hokey but love is the foundation of which this whole thing started. We started by looking for and finding the best  non gmo seeds possible. Then we constructed our enclosed growing structure. I know what you are thinking, you grow them indoors!!!! YES WE DO.  But this is for everyone's benefit. This way we control the environment for the little ones. So what does this mean for you? We  use absolutley no herbisides, pesticides, or fertilizers to grow our microgreens. It's love that puts apart from what you find at the grocery stores.

About Us

Our Microgreens

So let's talk a little bit about our microgreens. Yes,  we grow indoors. But you may ask, why? We do this so  we  control every bit of the environment that these little plants need to grow. Bringing them inside allows us to grow year-round and also  protects them from outside elements. We use purified water for our growing environment. We have no need for herbicides, fertilizer, or pesticides because we grow inside. We use 100% pure organic growing methods which translates to fresher and more flavorful microgreens that are grown and available year-round. Making Farm to Table accessible year-round in Cincinnati and the Ohio Valley.

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